Strategy – a1garde


A1garde helps devise strategies that respond to the threats and opportunities created by a business world that has changed fundamentally.We take an independent point of view, finding strategic insight through a deep understanding of business influences and other factors in play.

What we can do for you

• Strategy creation, review, transition: Help you develop an efficient strategy that will transform and enhance your business model. Audit your existing strategy to help you better reuse your assets to drive more profitable business.

• Growth Strategy: Supports your strategic decisions critical for your business / project enterprise and value maximization.

• Investment planning: Evaluation of major strategic investment decisions including R&D, capital investments and related risk mitigating strategies, brand strategy development, marketing ROI and performance management.

• Performance improvement and Innovation: Deliver an optimal business design that responds to new and future business challenges and produces sustainable improvement.

• Customer strategy: Provide an in-depth customer analysis, consumer segmentation and identification of key trends and buyer behavior, based on extensive primary research.

Deliverables that we will create for you

• Corporate/Unit Strategy: Finds additional value for your organization by identifying investment opportunities and evaluating the potential for synergies. Assisting you develop your strategy by identifying the areas of activity and target markets to be focused on. Defining growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through feasibility assessment and effective implementation planning.

• Marketing Strategy: Creation of a differentiating marketing concept based on your organization's assets. Formulates the brand concept and determines the selected market segment focus that will increase your company value.

• Expansion Strategy: Assists you in selecting and prioritizing target markets and defining the product/ services portfolio and the marketing and distribution concept.

• Mergers and Acquisitions: Support you in M&A processes, from the initiation phase through to the strategic decision-making process and execution.

• Turnaround Management: Analyze the root cause of the crisis, define and put the right measures into practice without further jeopardizing the company's market position. Facilitate this process by analyzing finances, defining the strategic direction and plans for consolidation, actively supporting its execution.