Project Management – a1garde

Project Management

Our proposition is based on a strong project management approach that is pragmatic and flexible enough to support the complexities of the transaction process, while ensuring rigor and discipline throughout the deal lifecycle.

What we can do for you

• Challenge the rationale of any project to ensure that, before any resources are committed, there is a sound business case for undertaking the initiative.

• Ensure the objectives are clearly defined and agreed, and then supported by a comprehensive plan for delivery.

• Guarantee there is commitment from the sponsor and clear direction from the right management level in the organization.

• Adopt a PM framework appropriate to the organization and scaled to suit the job in hand.

Deliverables that we will create for you

• A structured project management approach, tailored to meet your specific challenges.

• Centralized coordination of all project activities.

• Clarity and efficiency of our PM methodology, backed up by a sound communication approach.

• Regular report updates providing explicit overview of project development, including early warnings for any initiatives falling behind agreed schedule.

• Practical project management experience ensuring timely and comprehensive delivery of targeted deliverables.

• Taking full accountability, responsibility and ownership of the project that we manage.

• Energy, drive and leadership from our team.