Our Methodology – a1garde

Our methodology

Definition of needs and scope of work

Before proceeding with an engagement, we will first endeavor to understand the specifics of your project, establish and prioritize clear objectives, and define areas that you want us to focus on. We define a scope of work, agree on objectives, tactical approach, timeline, and deliverables.

Project initiation

Once you confirm that we should proceed, we will review relevant background information on the project, the transaction, the industry, and our due diligence objectives. We will explain what information will be collected, what analyses will be performed, and what end products we will deliver at the end of the project.


We enhance our knowledge of the business issues through ongoing communication with you and in some cases refine the plan based on new information. We request information that we need to collect, such as business plans, forecasts, financial statements, sales and profit breakdown, market data, customer lists, organizational structure etc.

Meetings, Analysis, and Updates

We work through our methodologies to identify issues that may need to be brought to your attention and that require further investigation. Throughout the project, we conduct informal presentations and progress reviews with you.

Final Presentations and Deliverables

We formalize our findings into our final presentation and final deliverables and discuss them in detail. In the case of a due diligence review, this should result in you have a firm understanding of key issues surrounding the company, including; the attractiveness of its markets, how the company is performing, the company's position in its markets, future performance of the company, and our perspective on your exit prospects.

Preparation of Post-Transaction Integration Plan (optional)

If our work centers around a merger, acquisition or investment, we recommend that you also involve us in your post-transaction planning efforts.

Other Services

We can support you with the day-to-day management and supervision of your existing asset portfolio. In the same way like supporting you with acquisition transaction, we are able to provide you with the full scope of support to ensure prompt and successful disposal of your assets to third parties.