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Integration services can assist you in preparing a detailed post-merger integration plan and managing your post-merger integration teams. We leverage a proven methodology that fosters speed, leadership, direction, accountability, and results.

What we can do for you

Manage the process that ultimately results in a comprehensive post-merger integration plan that allows you to achieve the business objectives that originally drove the transaction. Define the communication mechanisms that announce the post-acquisition integration plan details to various stakeholders and that track progress and resolve issues as they arise. Ensure that your merger or acquisition transaction has the best possible chance of being successful by preparing detailed, prioritized, and scheduled short and long-term action plans for performance measures and goals, processes, information systems, and organization design; information system requirements; detailed material and information flow; and detailed organizational and training requirements.

Questions that we will answer for you

• What strategies, objectives, and milestones should you be pursuing after the transaction closes? What should you focus on first? How do you communicate your plans to key stakeholders? How should you track your progress?

• What should the organizational structure be after the acquisition? Should any divisions be sold off? How much autonomy should the new group have? How can you be sure to keep the best people on board and keep them productive?

• Which products/services should you continue to make/offer and which should you close down?

• How do you go about streamlining suppliers? How do you integrate internal controls and financial systems?

Deliverables that we will create for you

Road Map Document - detailed integration work plan and performance milestones that will track integration progress. Communications Plan - assist with the structuring of the communications plan that will announce the transaction and, over time, its transition details to key stakeholders. Human Resources Plan - optimal organizational design based on business objectives.Operations Integrations plan - how things are going to work in the future and what steps need to be taken to get there.