Due Dilligence – a1garde

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence assists investigating, project managing and resolving critical strategic issues surrounding the transaction and future plans.

We ensure that the strategic objectives for entering into the transaction are being met and identify challenges and obstacles that may be inherent in the strategies pursued in the future plans.

What we can do for you

• Intimately understand the target company's business and determine if it meets your strategic investment or acquisition criteria.

• Evaluate all aspects of the post-transaction company's go-forward strategy; giving special attention to the company's position in the market and its ability to achieve desired business objectives, such as financial exits, revenue targets, and market share goals.

• Compare and contrast alternative strategies to determine the best approaches for moving forward.

Questions that we will answer for you

• Does this transaction meet your goals? What is the revenue and profitability potential for the target? Are the operating and financial synergies that you are planning on realistic? Is the price right?

• After the transaction is complete, what strategies should you pursue and why? How are the strategies you are choosing better than alternative strategies? What are the risk areas that may result in failure if not properly planned for and managed?

• Is the market segmentation you are pursuing after the transaction on target? What marketing strategies make the most sense?

• How much time and money is necessary to execute the strategies? Do the ends justify the means?

Deliverables that we will create for you

• The principal deliverable via our strategy service is a Strategic Fit Assessment. This evaluates the strategic fit of the proposed transaction against your investment or acquisition criteria. It also reviews the go-forward strategies of the post-transaction entity.

• We can also assist with the preparation of a comprehensive Post- acquisition Integration Plan for our clients.