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Business Transformation

We work with clients who face major strategic discontinuities and risks to transform their business models. This invariably involves a major repositioning of the customer value proposition (often requiring significant investment), adopting a simpler, lower-cost operating model, and running a major change program to see through the transition. We start with a brief audit of a company’s strategy and profitability and then find “quick wins” to improve earnings and cash flow in the short term. These quick wins provide a financial cushion, build credibility within the organization, and allow time for a more thorough analysis. Drawing on our findings, we develop a detailed transformation plan.

What we can do for you

• Assess the company’s competitive position and markets, including key success factors, growth opportunities, and portfolio strategy.

• Look for ways to reduce costs throughout operations and improve asset productivity.

• Apply organizational tools such as redesign, de-layering, and change management can deliver further improvements.

• Review and strengthen the capital structure, working capital management, and the long-term financial plan.

Questions that we will answer for you

• What are the best levers for quickly improving your performance?

• How to reposition your business for long-term success?

• How will the current downturn affect your efforts?

Deliverables that we will create for you

• Management disciplines for the planning and governance of transformation.

• Clarity about what is achievable and its cost.

• Careful analysis of all the interdependent activities needed to achieve the impact of change on these.

• Assess how changes will be viewed and interpreted by customers, suppliers and other external parties.

• Devise a systematic transformation process, along with a communication strategy.

• Develop a communication plan that underlies the rationale for change clearly and candidly, to help ensure that everyone in the organization understands, buys into and rapidly implements the necessary change